local experts.

Nestled within our local team beats the core of a deeply rooted enterprise—a legacy proudly nurtured since 1997—forging an illustrious footprint across Newcastle, Hunter, Central Coast, and the neighbouring regions. Adept and astute, our team stands as a guiding light, revealing and showcasing top-tier talent. Our unique vantage point positions us to infuse your organisation with the essential skills required for growth. Moreover, our partnerships with candidates are built on proximity, as we steer them towards the fulfilment of their career aspirations, empowering them to seize the opportunities that align with their dreams.

roles we recruit.

meet the newcastle team.

vern myburgh

Regional Manager | transport, supply chain, construction, property & engineering

liz petersen

branch manager | legal, finance & accounting

elyse connor

principal recruitment consultant | commercial, office support & HR

sam tuinukuafe

principal recruitment consultant | public sector

kara bouchier

recruitment consultant | technical trades, labour & manufacturing

dean walker

principal recruitment consultant | technical trades, labour & manufacturing