job trends to watch in 2023.

There have been many changes in the job market during 2022, and we will continue to see changes throughout 2023 and beyond. Meanwhile, we don't see the "Great Resignation" going anywhere anytime soon. With the rising inflation, salary is top of mind for most job hunters, although there has been a primary focus on the pursuit of happiness in their job. With the 'Great Resignation' has come with the need of a strong Employee Value Proposition (EVP) meaning that people have been inspired to seek happiness in not only their jobs and careers but also flexibility and positive team culture.

Job seekers will find that these top jobs and skills will be in demand throughout 2023, offering them security and stability in unprecedented times.

Keep reading to learn more about these trends and how they'll impact the job market. You'll find information about top jobs for 2023, what jobseekers are searching for this year along with the new way of working.

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