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madeline hill ed&i

madeline hill

General Manager - Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

At Randstad equity, diversity & inclusion are not just words. We pride ourselves on our inclusive workplace culture and as a leader in our field, we believe it is our obligation to support people in obtaining meaningful employment and reduce as many barriers as possible.

Our four main ED&I pillars: gender; Indigenous; accessibility and corporate citizenship were developed to ensure we attract diverse talent pools for our clients and deliver an inclusive, engaging experience for our candidates so that everyone feels comfortable, welcome and valued.

We believe that employment changes lives by offering independence, self-esteem and social connections. We know that best practice recruitment means attracting people from diverse talent pools and that a diverse and inclusive workforce delivers benefits for our customers, our candidates and the wider community.

founding partner of family friendly workplaces.

Randstad is a proud Founding Partner of Family Friendly Workplaces, a community of progressive organisations united in driving global change by creating family-friendly workplaces. In May 2021, Parents At Work and UNICEF Australia developed a set National Work + Family Standards, and launched the Family Inclusive Workplace certification to recognise organisations committed to supporting employees meet their work, family and wellbeing needs.

As an early adopter and the only HR services provider to be certified as a Family Inclusive Workplace, Randstad aims to improve the work life wellbeing of employees and their families by implementing leading policies and practices that foster a family inclusive culture. This includes comprehensive support for flexible work, parental leave, family care and family wellbeing.

At Randstad, we believe the future of work is about creating a sustainable family-friendly workplace culture now.
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our disability engagement.

Randstad has partnered with Get Skilled Access and HELP Enterprises to support companies and organisations cater for the disability demographic.

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