our strategy.

As the global market leader for HR services provider, Randstad is driven to be the world's most specialised and equitable talent partner, being inclusive and helping people in realising their true potential throughout their working life. 

By being at the forefront of every conversation about work, we aim to become a true source of relevance and consistency for talent and a true agent of agility and effectiveness for clients and candidates by creating sustainable long-term value for all stakeholders. 

our digital journey.

For Randstad, digital is an integral part of Randstad's strategy. Our company consistently invests in digital capabilities, regularly adding new solutions to our strong heritage. Our digital transformation, which involves digitalising and harmonising all of our processes across 38 markets has been a three step process. 

  • building a solid foundation with fast-growing data oceans, data storage standardised and cloud-based infrastructure.  
  • improving our existing processes that are smart, simple and efficient and integrated with the talent technology suite: randstad relevate. 
  • unlocking future value: investments in HR tech start-ups and innovating global digital capabilities and scaling best practices by our digital factory. 

our human forward promise.

Our human forward promises always guide our behaviour, whether it is about our human interactions or about how we apply our HR technology. 

  • transparency: clients get insight into how their HR needs are being met and candidates know where they stand in their job search. 
  • guidance: clients have a recruitment and HR services partner throughout the business lifecycle and the talent we serve can count on a partner in every step of their career.
  • proactivity: clients stay steps ahead in the competitive world of talent and we help people find jobs even before they start looking.

global trends.

At Randstad, we have four general global trends that affect our business and provide opportunities for future growth: 

1. change is the new norm;

2. a job for life is no longer a given; 

3. technology has changed people's customer service expectations; 

4. the role of work in people's lives is a constant. 

In recent years, the world of work has been experiencing transformative change, driven by technological innovation, demographic shifts, globalisation and climate change. Randstad believes that we should expected continual change.